bar5I used to call myself a pioneer in the way i am living my life, but i am requestioning this again and again. Sometimes I think i use to be or too intelligent or too stupid to express myself, cause of the complexity and narrow mind of the artificial world and society.

I have been bounded by many mental fields in the mass matrix, and disconnected at the same time from the false paradigms in order to create my own ethics and to find authenticity and true connection in myself.

I believe in the importancy to clear one’s own standards and values to become a sovereign being on it’s own ground, what is in my knowingness the natural state of the divine human being and the door to freedom.

By deprogramming myself and studying several subjects in the same time, like theories of use, meaning and context of language in general, philosophy, so called dogmatic concepts and paradigms in general, the source of humanity, it’s desillusional prisons and earthly realities and structures, I am travelling to a more pure form of ‘reality’, my reality, and especially the potential to create in free choice and mastership.

Life isn’t for me as usual as it can appear for you
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